February 29, 2004

POSTSCRIPT: Kevin Grandfield

About 10 years ago, the writer Kevin Grandfield and I attended a poetry and prose reading at Augenblick, a small bar, now closed, in the St. Ben's neighborhood on Chicago's north side. After listening to the readers, Kevin and I wound up spending four good hours talking and drinking. In part, we spoke about writing as art and writers as artists. We also discussed how artists strive to tell the truth and how the truth often has a way of upsetting people. At one point, Kevin leaned forward and asked me, “Are you trying to live your life without making enemies?” Kevin and I had met just a few short weeks earlier as classmates in the graduate fiction writing program at Columbia College. His question that night in the bar struck a chord and I found myself wondering, “Am I trying to write without making enemies, too?”


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