February 29, 2004

Sport Literate (Father's Issue)
Edited by William Meiners

Feeling at Home -- Many years ago, on a sticky morning in Tampa Bay, George Savino's old Aunt Laura peered at me over her breakfast newspaper and inquired in her still-German-accented English: "Do you like sports?" It was Laura's way of asking whether I was gay. I handled the moment with my usual aplomb, stumbling madly over a torrent of words behind a fast-frozen smile: "Yes-well-no-well-some-yes-boxing!-well-George, you know, he's into theater! And-he's-really-very-good!" Aunt Laura rolled her eyes, gave her newspaper a sharp fold and went back to reading. George -- a writer, actor, teacher and friend now for nearly 30 years -- was sitting with us at the kitchen table. He rolled his eyes, as well. The truth is, I have never much been into sports, but I love Sport Literate magazine because this small literary review uses sports and leisure as larger metaphors for understanding life. Bill Meiners and Jotham Burrello founded Sport Literate years ago when we were all in graduate school together. Since then, I've been lucky to have several essays, poems and interviews published here, and I've come to feel that Sport Literate is the closest thing I have to a literary home.


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