March 28, 2004

TriQuarterly (No. 114, No. 117)
Edited by Susan Firestone Hahn
Other Voices (No. 39)
Edited by Gina Frangello and JoAnne Ruvoli
Euphony (Winter 2003)
Edited by Jospeh N. Liss
Off the Rocks 10
Edited by Jonathan Dixon
Granta (Over There)
Edited by Ian Jack
F Magazine (F5)
Edited by Don De Grazia
The Baffler (No. 15)
Edited by Greg Lane

Making Sense -- Why do we tell stories? Why do we read stories? I think it's because we don't know our own story: We have no idea why we exist in the universe, so we tell stories and listen to stories as a way of making sense out of the non-sense of everyday life. Of all the storytellers, I most relish those who are slugging away, producing fiction and poems and commentary and interviews in the small literary journals. The pay is minimal, at best. The acclaim is rare, if ever. The commitment -- to telling stories and sharing stories -- is staggering.