November 6, 2004

CHICAGO VOICES: An excerpt from "A Man Walks Into A Bar," by Edward Underhill

Stop me if you've heard this before: A man walks into a bar. Sometimes the man is carrying a duck and sometimes he has a frog on his head. Occasionally, the guy says something to the bartender as he enters. Sometimes the bartender says something back. I was thinking about this man on a stifling August afternoon as I walked into a bar in downtown West Palm Beach. I was not, it should be observed, carrying a duck or wearing a frog. I was, however, there to see a man about a horse.
Edward Underhill's short stories have been published in various legal publications. He is a past winner of the "Chicago Lawyer Annual Fiction Contest." Ed's plays also have been produced in Chicago and Ohio. "A Man Walks Into A Bar" appears in The Thing About Hope Is ..., published by Polyphony Press.


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