July 16, 2005

CHICAGO VOICES: An excerpt from “Finding Momma” by Jotham Burrello
The radio was broken. No static, nothing. And I needed a distraction between my ears. Even a sappy love song by the latest one-hit-wonders would have done the trick. I had not seen Momma in fourteen years, and the quiet forced me to tally every Christmas, every birthday, every day I had been away. I now regretted leaving my husband and daughter at the Super 8 in Gallipolis. I have never felt so alone. Like the man on the moon.
Jotham Burrello is the producer of two new dvds on writing available at www.erpmedia.net. “So, Is It Done?” examines the revision process. Hosted by Janet Burroway, the dvd features interviews and bonus features with Robert Olen Butler, Rosellyn Brown and others. “Submit” walks viewers through the process for submitting short stories, featuring insights from editors and writers such as Gina Frangello, Todd Dills and Joe Meno. “Finding Momma” appears in Polyphony Press’ “The Thing About Love Is…”


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