July 3, 2005

Christopher Makos
On City Streets: Chicago, 1964-2004
Gary Stochl
Eudora Welty
Havana 1933
Walker Evans

Similar Differences – These four very different photographers offer everything from provocative, commercial portraits of pumped-up pin-up boys posed in erotic mischief to evocative, candid documentaries of the damned, the proud, the walking wounded. The cultural, geographic and artistic differences between the four are evident; but, viewed together, the dissimilarities begin to blur. Walker Evans and Christopher Makos are from opposite worlds but explore similar subjects: human grace and the defining power of status objects. Gary Stochl and Eudora Welty lived more than 700 miles apart, but both depict the triumph and defeat of ordinary life. On a planet in which any two human beings share 99.9 percent of the same identical DNA, the forces of commerce, politics and religion can only succeed by magnifying the differences between us. Art reminds us what we have in common.


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