January 21, 2007

Bacchus & Me: Adventures in the Wine Cellar
Jay McInerney

Hiccup – The writer George Savino has said people really only ever tell three stories: (1) I was so funny! (2) I was so smart! (3) Everyone is fucking up except me! With Jay McInerney you always get a bit of all three. In this collection of essays from his wine column in House & Garden, you get Insufferable Jay: “Later I thought about my friend Buzz Whelker, who taught me to play polo.” You get Snobby Jay: “But of course, if markets were strictly about value, I probably wouldn’t be wearing these Prada loafers.” And, naturally, you get Wino Jay: “His Viognier Vin du Mistal seldom demonstrates the exotic and haunting bouquet of the greatest Condrieu, but it delivers more of the musky Viognier flavor and silky texture than any French examples I’ve tasted from outside the Rhône Valley.” But this is a book of wine porn, after all, so drink up.


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