February 3, 2007

The Underdog Advantage:
Using the Power of Insurgent Strategy to Put Your Business on Top
David Morey and Scott Miller

Hocus Pocus – I met David Morey at a magic school in Las Vegas. What does a top political and business consultant have to learn from magicians Jeff McBride and Eugene Burger? A lot. Morey and Scott Miller are two of the masterminds behind the winning presidential campaigns of Vincente Fox of Mexico, Corazon Aquino of the Philippines and Kim Dae Jung of South Korea. They’ve also worked as consultants to corporate giants like Coca-Cola, Microsoft and Nike. In their insightful book, they apply lessons from underdog political campaigns and revolutionary business battles to outline several cunning strategies for getting ahead – and staying ahead. Along the way, they note the importance, in business as in politics, of managing perceptions like a magician. This is the sort of stuff professors don’t usually teach in MBA programs or political science classes. For this, you turn to modern-day wizards like Burger, McBride and Max Maven.


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