March 24, 2007

Poems 4 a.m.
Susan Minot

Second Thoughts -- In my younger and more vulnerable years, I co-founded a writer's group called GLiCKMA, which stood for Gordon Lish Can Kiss My Ass, which is a whole other story. But in the ad calling for submissions from potential new members, my co-founder and I stated: "Poets need not apply." I remember that we readily welcomed the membership of one young writer who ended her cover letter by noting, "Poets can eat glass." Mercifully, GLiCKMA only met twice before disbanding. With an equal measure of mercy, I shall refrain from revealing my co-founder's identity; but I am happy to report we both have done a lot of growing up since those long-ago days when disdain came so quickly, so easily -- well, at least as it regards poetry and Gordon Lish. Today, I relish the refined and rare ability of a narrow volume of poetry to compel me to take a second look -- and even a third or fourth look -- at the world and myself.


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