July 28, 2007

Stretching My Mind
Edward Albee

The Play’s The Thing – “But then you learn, very early in your career, that not only is life not fair, life is a lot fairer than theater.” That’s the master Himself, from a 2005 interview with Stephen Bottoms. And here again is Edward Albee referring to Samuel Beckett: “Well, you know what Sam said when somebody asked him why he kept on writing all these pessimistic plays? ‘If I were a pessimist, I wouldn’t write plays.’ He made the assumption that there was communication possible. We all make that assumption when we write something. A whole set of assumptions: (a) that we have something to say, (b) that we have the ability to say it, and (c) that somebody will listen. Now, it could break down anywhere, but we make the assumption, because we are trying to change people’s perceptions. That’s what art is about – all art.”


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