June 11, 2008

New Plays from Chicago
Edited by Russ Tutterow and Ann Filmer

The Play's the Thing -- One of the best things about having your play produced or your story published is that, suddenly, someone important, a director or an editor, is treating you seriously as an artist. Suddenly, the world is different. Your struggle ceases (at least for a moment). Your self-doubts are quieted (at least for a minute). And it all seems worth it (at least for an hour and, often, longer). It's not easy being a writer, inventing people and their lives, creating something from nothing -- and all the time clinging to the audacious feeling that you actually have something credible and even critical to say. "New Plays from Chicago" offers sample plays from a handful of contemporary local playwrights who all have something credible and critical to say. The collection is a master class -- and a reminder about the value of validation, something the book's publisher, Chicago Dramatists, has recognized and offered since 1979.


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