August 30, 2008

COMMENTARY: Judgment, Leadership, Obama

And so, after more than 19 long months, we are finally at the beginning. The 2008 U.S. Presidential election is a contest pitting Barack Obama and Joe Biden versus John McCain and Sarah Palin. The unfolding campaign offers a stark choice between tomorrow and yesterday – and it really calls to question matters of judgment and leadership.

McCain’s selection of Palin is not only a crass political play (the two of them have only met once or twice?) but a shockingly unpatriotic and irresponsible decision as well (she would be, after all, second in command to a 72-year-old President of the United States of America who does not enjoy the best of health). McCain is not a "maverick;" he's reckless. We have endured eight years of crassly political and shockingly irresponsible decisions from a U.S. President who has subjugated the country’s best interests to personal spoils for himself and his cronies. George W. Bush has given America the perfect storm of Christian stupidity, big corruption and federal ineptitude – all fired up with fear. Enough is enough.

How many more times will John McCain’s phony political pandering be given a pass by the so-called journalists being taken for a ride on McCain’s B.S. Express? How many more times will John McCain's trials as a P.O.W. be used as his excuse for his own corruption, his own stupidity, his own ineptitude? How many more times will the American people fall victim to fear and eat up the lies?

As Barack Obama proclaimed in his Denver speech, “America, we are better than these last eight years.”

Our choice is clear. We need a leader who will inspire us to tackle the hard work of: renewing the American economy, returning our troops, restoring America’s moral leadership, fighting the right war, and beginning to reinvent Washington by reclaiming “government of the people, by the people, for the people.”

History is on the march. Tomorrow is calling.


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