December 20, 2008

POSTSCRIPT: Change we can believe in?

Robert Charles and I supported Barack Obama early in his U.S. Senate primary in Illinois. I regret to say I am increasingly disappointed in him. While others might feel like the next JFK is taking office, I can't help but feel like Bill Clinton is taking office instead -- only this time, gay people like Robert and me are being thrown under the bus even before the President-Elect takes the oath. This is not the hope we believe in. This is not the change we want. And the old "we-won't-agree-on-everything" b.s. doesn't work here because this is about the fundamental struggle for making good on the basic American promise of equal opportunity. Barack has not been a "fierce" advocate on our behalf; he should never say that again. He has been a steady, welcomed voice -- that's true and much appreciated. But if he's not willing to spend political capital now, when he's at the absolute height of greatest political strength, it's clear the future for gays and lesbians will only grow gloomier with each passing day. A few years ago, during that U.S. Senate primary, Barack wrote to Robert and me, advising us, in so many words, to "go slow" -- and to avoid playing into the "Karl Rove playbook." Well, it's no longer the Karl Rove playbook that sets the game; it's the Barack Obama playbook. And, sadly, the pages regarding gays and lesbians appear to be too tragically similar. I know Barack and Michelle celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary this year. Robert and I will celebrate our 16th anniversary just a few months from now -- but, of course, ours' is not a "wedding" anniversary because that is against the law. Let me say that again: "Against the law." If the President-Elect doesn't stand for changing this, he stands for nothing. In the wake of Proposition 8, the President-Elect's choice of the bigoted Rick Warren is a slap in our face with the back of his hand.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

when will the gays realize there are alot more evangelical voters than gay voters? and that despite whatever soaring rhetoric is employed during a campaign, the over-arching goal of any and every first-term administration is re-election

December 23, 2008  

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