February 21, 2009

Journal of Ordinary Thought

Mapmakers -- The latest issue of this impressive literary journal features fine poems from writers (mapmakers themselves, after all) throughout Chicago's many neighborhoods plus an added bonus: a variety of maps of Chicago, home-made to create very personal statements about our fair city. Examples include: "Stuff that northsiders generally aren't aware exist." "Homes of Iraq Veterans Against the War." "Map of Chicago from Memory." "Go here for a good view of the sunset." "Places where I lost valuable items." The maps have been created -- and you can create your own -- through Notes for a People's Atlas of Chicago, a project of AREA Chicago.


Anonymous Mairead Case said...

Thanks, Michael. We're glad you enjoyed the read!

A Peoples' Atlas is indeed an amazing project - here is their Flickr page, in case you haven't seen it - many more maps there: http://www.flickr.com/photos/areachicago/sets/72157605796481645/.

February 22, 2009  

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