June 26, 2010


With voices as colorful as a rainbow, as resilient as a lightning rod, and as varied as any five human beings will be, Goldie Goldbloom, Stacy Fox, Kurt Heintz, Darwyn Jones and I recently had the great pleasure of participating in the Gay Pride Reading Series at Gerber-Hart Library. The night was curated by Owen Keehnen. The stormy weather was brought to us by the dark heavens. But a hearty crowd – including the magicians Robert Charles, Eugene Burger and Benjamin Barnes – forged ahead through thunderstorms, electricity dancing madly through the rolling clouds and tornado sirens echoing off the high rises to enjoy the powerful poetry and prose. Did our words subdue the dragons of nature? Well, after the reading ended and we walked outside into calmer, cooler weather on Granville Avenue, we were greeted by an arching rainbow stretching over Lake Michigan. I read that as nature’s way of saying, “You win.”


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