June 8, 2010

Daily Globe
Milan Standard
The New York Times
The Omaha World-Herald
Chicago Sun-Times
Chicago Tribune
Chicago Reader
The Hinsdalean
The Wall Street Journal

All the News that Fits – Here is a snapshot of me taken by Robert Charles, aboard a fast train from Rome to Florence, enjoying my favorite 20th Century pastime: reading a newspaper. In this case, the newspaper was the International Herald Tribune, but, the truth is any newspaper would’ve sufficed. Whether it’s reading the small-town news of the Milan Standard (Milan, Missouri) and the Daily Globe (Ironwood, Michigan) or the longer, in-depth pieces of The New York Times and the Chicago Reader, I love newspapers. Yes, I use Twitter to create my own personalized daily “news filter” – Scott Simon’s interview with Christopher Hitchens, Joe My God’s take on gay issues, and Sarah Silverman’s jokes are included in today’s “edition” – but what I like about old-fashioned print is how a newspaper insists upon at least some measure of considered reflection, in both its creation and its consumption. Perhaps there is only a modicum more than digital demands; but, that measure of pause often constitutes the difference between a first and a second opinion – and it is within that difference that informed opinions take shape.


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