December 29, 2010

AN APPRECIATION: "Play Dead" and "Monday Night Magic"

Robert Charles and I just returned from New York City, where we were accompanied by our dear friend, Eugene Burger. We saw two great off-Broadway shows. "Play Dead" is a must-see thrill ride by Teller and Todd Robbins (pictured here). The play is a wildly entertaining, lights-off spook show that gets you thinking about the living and the dead. And Todd Robbins is just the guy for the lead role. "Monday Night Magic" is the older-brother inspiration for "Magic Chicago," featuring a different line-up of visiting magicians with each show. The show we saw featured David Oliver, Michael DuBois and Chris Capehart, with Todd Robbins not wearing a white suit in the role of master of ceremonies.


Blogger George said...

Can't wait to see it although the ocean between Amsterdam and New York will slow things down.
Actor, magician and vice president of the board of directors of the Academy of Magical Arts, Neil Patrick Harris promoted the show:

George Parker

January 13, 2011  

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