August 26, 2011

City Boy: My Life in New York During the 1960s and ‘70s
Edmund White

Pride and Prejudice – “In the 1970s in New York,” Edmund White begins his breezy, chatty memoir, “everyone slept till noon.” White recounts two important decades in his life, decades key to his personal growth and development as an artist as well as key to the growth and development of the struggle for equality in America. He recalls the sex, literature and politics of this time with an easy-come, easy-go flair; you feel as if he’s seated in the comfortable chair across from you sharing fond and less-than-fond memories, from Stonewall and before to the founding of the Gay Men’s Health Crisis, from recollections of James Merrill and Susan Sontag to depictions of the crime and grime of America’s proudest city.


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