October 27, 2011

CHICAGO VOICES: Oz on the Occupy Movement

My friend Oz returned to Chicago about a year ago. He's participated in a few of the local Occupy protests. I invited him to share his take on what's happening.

Whether it be Occupy Chicago or Occupy Wall Street or Occupy Spokane the Point Is We Are Dissatisfied! What is your question? Need you ask? We have worked our entire lives and have paid our bills and have suffered our diseases and for what? To be laid off and to have our homes be valued less through no fault of our own and to be denied health insurance because we happen to be sick.

So it happens that some wonder why we are disgruntled, to say the least.

Our parents taught us our patriotism, our loyalty and some of us our religion. And what is our reward?




Mounting debt.

Absence of health insurance.

Enough is said by We the Many People. You, the Wealthy who own our jobs and our banks and our homes and our lives and our futures MUST stop stealing and give us back your ill-gotten gains.

We are workers. We are providers. We are mothers and fathers and sons and daughters striving to keep our families together, and you insist on fighting us every inch of the way.

Again, enough. Enough! Must I say it again? Sadly, perhaps.

Occupy, the movement, is not organized, it is not a top-down thought-through consultation.

It is an angry, thoughtful, inclusive, welcoming gathering of Humans, Americans, (okay, we’d probably even welcome Martians)People who are Working Together For A Change In How The U.S.A. is Run.

Yeah, dude, that’s some tough shit. Scares a bunch to the back of the bus, now doesn’t it? Don’t let it do that to you. Come on up front. You are welcome here.


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