March 13, 2012

AROUND TOWN: Visiting Shakespeare and Company

Our good friend Marja Lingsma made the photo on the left of Robert Charles and me during a visit to Paris last Thanksgiving. What a truly memorable day we enjoyed walking along the Seine with Marja and master magician George Parker, discussing art and politics and commerce and love! That's Robert's photo of Marja and George on the right. And here's a link to Chiara Clemente's new short film, via The New Yorker, about Shakespeare and Company, featuring the wonderful Sylvia Whitman. By the way, the books in the bag I'm holding were "Howl and Other Poems," by Allen Ginsberg and "A Moveable Feast," by Ernest Hemingway (the so-called Restored Edition). One extra treat about purchasing the books at this great shop is you leave with the books marked by the round, blue Shakespeare and Company stamp. Lovely.


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