May 20, 2012

AROUND TOWN: The 'Chicago Spring' Just what we needed. Taxpayers get to pay hundreds of millions of dollars for our government's new police-military build-up -- and that's just to cover expenses for this weekend's NATO meeting. Citizens get clubbed and their rights get stomped upon by the blue-helmeted storm troopers. Chicago earns yet another black-eye: the murder capital with lousy schools once again demonstrates its brutal nature as the whole world watches. The one-sided TV news coverage and shamefully slanted newspaper coverage underscores why traditional media has gone Code Blue. (What do they mean when they say, "the Chicago Police are showing real restraint?" Do they mean the cops haven't yet shot anyone?) And compare how the media widely trumpeted the Arab Spring to how they're today breathlessly attacking this Chicago Spring. "Let us all praise the mighty citizens, risking life and limb, to speak truth to power." Well, that was good for those people in those countries over there in the Middle East, but it's apparently a very different story when it's here in Chicago! May 20, 2012. A sad day, all around -- except for those brave protestors who took to the streets to exercise their fundamental rights of speech and assembly. They are American heroes -- even though, in the media and in most circles, they will be painted in the dark colors of "terrorism." O, America, I love you so.


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