October 8, 2012

CHICAGO VOICES: 10 Words or Less

Like millions of Americans, I use Twitter to add my voice to incoherent rants about politics and incompetent corporations. I also tweet other bits of commentary, including my “10 words or less” movie reviews. Here’s a sample of what you’ve been “missing” by not following me:

The Ides of March – et tu, Clooney?
Albert Nobbs – Glenn Close? Her eyes say it all.
War Horse – Spielberg does John Ford.
The Trip – Goes nowhere, but is great fun getting there.
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy – Gary Oldman speaks volumes with silence.
Visual Acoustics: The Modernism of Julius Shulman – impressive image-maker.
The Descendants – Tender, grace-filled. But she cheated on George Clooney?!
Mission Impossible – One of the all-time best theme songs.
Howl – Why can’t James Franco be in every movie?
Bill Cunningham New York – A cut above all the rest!
The Artist – Should win Best Dog.
Hugo – Everyone in Paris speaks with a British accent?
J Edgar – So M was Hoover’s mother and Bond’s boss?
Watching “The Help” really makes me miss “In Living Color.”
Just saw “Tree of Life.” What, no funny outtakes?
Bernie – Real life once again trumps fiction.
A Model for Matisse – Henri was a real cut-up!
Moonrise Kingdom – The Royal Tenenbaums for the prepubescent set.
Arbitrage – Always be selling … someone out.
The Master – A slow boat to China, indeed.
Looper – Only thing better than one Bruce Willis? Two.
Diana Vreeland – Before the devil wore Prada, she wore Blahnik.


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