April 27, 2014

Writers e-Handbook: The How, Why and Where Journal for Emerging Writers of all Genres
Jotham Burrello
One-of-a-Kind – I am honored to be mentioned in Jotham Burrello's new "Writer's e-Handbook: The How, Why, and Where Journal for Emerging Writers of all Genres." In the preface, Jotham recounts one of my favorite stories about something inspirational my Dad asked me years ago regarding the great James Baldwin. But this one-of-a-kind guide offers a lot more than that anecdote; it features interviews and advice (in print and via video) with more than two dozen top-notch writers (including Audrey Niffenegger, Jane Hamilton and Joe Meno) plus how-to sections on finding agents and publishers as well as a useful appendix featuring sample cover letters, book contracts and much more. Writers e-Handbook is a must-have for any writer you know.  Writers e-Handbook is available via Amazon.


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