December 28, 2014

On Writing: Ursula Le Guin's speech at the National Book Awards

Brief, brave remarks from a thoughtful, insightful writer.


Anonymous deirdre mahoney said...

I have a feeling that some of the words pronounced here by Ursula will be long-remembered and oft-quoted in the near and distant future. She is so generous, so patient, so wise! And nearly clairvoyant in her perceptions of what the future of literature may be...(or not). No matter what field/genre of literature we prefer/practice, Ursula can (should?) be a model, example, inspiration!

Even looking at her, one can learn. Yes, be natural, but wear a shiny or festive garment! Especially when the party/event is being held in YOUR honor. It's more than OK to be bold!

January 04, 2015  

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