November 29, 2016

Connecting to Change the World
Peter Pastrik, Madeleine Taylor, John Cleveland

“Only connect” – We are living in revolutionary times with major shifts underway in an ever more interlocked global economy, sweeping technological change, brutal political restructuring, rising secularism, and undulating social movements. “Connecting to Change the World” helps you navigate these increasingly rough seas by charting a course forward in which networks, and networks of networks, play a greater role (though not the only role) in how people can live, work and succeed more meaningfully together. In 1910, E.M.Forster published a masterwork of fiction, Howard’s End. The book begins with what appears to be a simple, two-word epigraph: “Only connect.” Forster then devotes about 100,000 words to telling the story of people in the early 20th century who are trying (and, for some, not trying) to empathize, sympathize and understand people different from themselves. “Connecting to Change the World” provides a road map for how we just might get there in the 21st Century.


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