December 13, 2016

True Compass: A Memoir
Edward M. Kennedy

The Lion Roars – If you ever wanted to enjoy a cold beer with U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy while he regales you with a few dozen tales from his larger-than-life life, yank a Sam Adams from the ice pail and read this book. Partly lifted from an oral history project and edited by Ron Powers, this memoir sails along in Teddy’s voice, charting a chatty course through the well-known and lesser-known waters of his long journey. What emerges is the autobiographical portrait of a human (and, therefore, flawed) optimist with a boundless appetite for living and an outsized share of profound grief. What emerges, too, is an engaging portrait of America in the 20th and very early 21st centuries. The country experienced dramatic ups-and-downs, successes and reversals, during Ted Kennedy’s life, as did the Senator from Massachusetts himself.


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