December 28, 2016

Photographs by Melissa Ann Pinney
Introduction and edited by Ann Patchett

Duets – The human heart cries out to be paired. Ancient Egyptians imagined contrasting Gods to explain existence. Chinese thinkers developed the concept of yin and yang. “Adam and Eve” make appearances in Christian, Judaic, Islamic, and Gnostic narratives. As award-winning photographer Melissa Ann Pinney notes in her preface, “I’ve always been interested in watching people together. I wonder what their story is, who they are to each other.” In addition to 90 of Pinney’s excellent photographs, this book features an introduction by Ann Patchett as well as 10 essays by Billy Collins, Edwidge Danticat, Allan Gurganus, Jane Hamilton, Elizabeth Gilbert, Barbara Kingsolver, Elizabeth McCracken, Maile Meloy, Susan Orlean and Richard Russo. My advice? By two copies of this book – and gift one to a beloved friend or random passerby.


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